Lesli Stein headshotI am excited to seek re-election to the School Board of the Las Virgenes Unified School District. It is an honor to serve our children and the LVUSD community. Proven leadership, quality experience and a deep understanding of the values of our community are essential to ensuring the continuation of excellence in education in LVUSD.

Currently serving as Vice President, I have had the distinct privilege of serving on ALL committees including Curriculum, Facilities, Finance, Technology, Pathways, and Safety and Wellness. This has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of the school district. These experiences have provided me with the knowledge to ask strategic questions, and make thoughtful, informed policy decisions to support the LVUSD community.

As an LVUSD Board Member, I monitor advancements and emerging academic changes so that our schools can offer innovative programming to enhance learning for all students. I have helped create an inclusive environment so our faculty and staff can explore, identify, and implement dynamic programs. I am proud of the increasing diversity in programs and the expansion of choices in Academics, Career Pathways, Arts, Music and Athletics.

School facilities are an area of focus as we invest in improving learning spaces and enhancing safety measures. Spearheaded by the School Board, the district conducted an independent safety audit with a nationally recognized expert, increased partnerships with local law enforcement, and was awarded over one million dollars in grants to focus on safety.

Responsible fiscal oversight and prudent budget decisions dedicated to student learning remains my priority. My efforts at building relationships with our representatives at the federal, state and local levels allows me to advocate for increased funding for LVUSD.

Additional focus areas include implementing Universal Transition Kindergarten for all four year olds. The State is adding a whole new grade level to school districts and this will require additional teachers as well as, changes to classrooms and bathrooms at schools. A strategic increase in the use of technology in the classroom to enhance learning, and the use of technology to streamline school and district operations. This is extremely important during the pandemic as teachers had to immediately shift from the classroom to online teaching from home, and as we apply for accreditation for our K-12 alternative online school, Las Virgenes Independent School (LVIS).

The Las Virgenes Unified School District, with its rich tradition of academic excellence, is among the top 2% of school districts in California – a proud achievement I share with our community partners.

With your vote, I will continue to be a dedicated outspoken advocate for our students, families, community and the professionals we employ.

Thank you for your interest in my campaign for re-election.

Please vote November 8.

Committee to Re-Elect Lesli Stein for LVUSD School Board 2022.

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