Reading in elementary schoolLooking to the future of LVUSD, I am committed to exploring diverse options for all students to be successful and engaged learners.

I will continue to be accessible and an outspoken advocate for our students and public education; monitor student learning with a focus on increasing achievement; and oversee and prioritize a complex budget.

Chatting with studentsToday’s students need to be creative, critical thinkers and know how to work collaboratively. Our students will be among the future leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. To be successful, they will need the appropriate skills to tackle the challenges ahead. Education must continually evolve to ensure that our students are prepared to compete.

I am fully committed to recognizing and promoting our accomplishments while also keeping an eye on the horizon, knowing that an expectation of excellence requires anticipation and a keen vision of the future.

My goals include:

  • Continuing to offer dynamic programs and options so all students have opportunities for success
  • Reducing class sizes
  • Enhancing safety at all schools
  • Responsible fiscal oversight and prioritizing a complex budget
  • Focusing on strategic facility oversight taking into consideration program needs and enrollment trends
  • Ensuring that Measures E and G Funds continue to be spent in a prudent and efficient manner
  • Increasing communication for transparency and accountability
  • Expanding community, business and university partnerships
  • Furthering utilization of “green” and environmentally friendly practices

I will continue to meet these challenges head-on. This time of educational change demands continuity of leadership. LVUSD needs experienced, dedicated Board members who have knowledge of the details of the issues and and eye to the future.